Differences between Foam and Spring Mattresses – Know What Are They?


Differences between Foam and Spring Mattresses – Know What Are They?

Purchasing a new mattress is an overwhelming process as there is a range of beds available on the market with various options. The common question that arises in a buyer’s mind is whether to choose an innerspring mattress or foam mattress?  You have to consider many factors when purchasing a mattress, including, body weight, sleep position, individual sleep preferences, and more.

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Foam mattresses vs. spring mattresses

In this article, you can learn a few differences between both that help you in choosing the best one for you.

About foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are made by blending materials, including polyurethane foam, memory foam, and others. The cost of a foam mattress ranges from $300 and more than $3,000.


  • Great conforming
  • Soft but provides support
  • An ideal choice for side sleepers


  • Expensive
  • Few materials absorb body heat and feel hot
  • Not much bouncing

About spring mattresses

They are designed by using coils or metal springs to provide support to the users. Usually, the cost of these mattresses ranges from $300-$1,500


  • Affordable
  • Gives more support compared to foam, particularly for heavier persons
  • Gives cooler sleeping experience


  • Transfers motion
  • Durability depends on the mattress quality and the user weight

Spring mattresses are a great choice for people who want to purchase a budget-friendly and traditional mattress that offers good support. Coil count is one of the important factors to consider when purchasing a spring mattress. A high-quality bed will have 400 or more coils. In addition to it, consider quality, thickness, and quality for mattress feel and comfort. These days, you can find types of spring mattresses such as:

  • Pocket coils
  • Bonnell coils
  • Continuous coils
  • Offset coils

Many mattress manufacturers provide mattresses made with high-quality materials. From those, choose a reliable store and order your favorite mattress today.

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