A Comparison between Angled Entry Ramp and Modular Entry Ramp


Let us compare the angled entry ramp and modular entry ramp for your home in this post.

A standalone portable threshold ramp having independently swivel feet and adjustable legs, the angled entry ramp available at EZ Access can be adjusted vertically from 1.375″ to 5.875″ in height.

This self-supporting metal threshold ramp is perfect for uneven terrain, swinging doors, and single-step rises.

The top pivoting flap on the modular entry ramp allows for ¼” of height adjustment, either way, to ensure a smooth route through the door. It is available in 7 various sizes and extends up to 6 ¼” high by simply sliding parts together.

Let us compare these two based on the following parameters:

  • Material

Aluminum is used to make both entry ramps, making it strong and long-lasting. In deciding where to use these entry ramp alternatives, this might play a significant role.

  • Height adjustability

With two legs that can be altered to raise or lower the ramp by a few inches, angled entry ramps can accept a range of heights.

A pivoting flap attached to the top of the Modular Entry Ramp allows for an additional 14″ of flexibility, either up or down.

  • Application

The Modular Entry Ramp’s rotating flap is one way that it differs from the ramps’ generally comparable applications and purposes.

  • Installation

The Modular Entry Ramp and Angled Entry Ramp take about the same amount of time to install.

  • Weight

Both the Modular Entry Ramp and the Angled Entry Ramp have a high weight capacity. The ramps are practical because they are relatively lightweight and can support up to 700 lbs.

  • Safety

Both ramps have an integrated, slick tread that provides better traction when being used by those walking or with mobility aids.

Both make for a smooth transition over any kind of door seam in the home.

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