It is legal to sell your home without an agent, but how successful can you be? The answer depends on your skill set and objectives. In addition to requiring a considerable amount of time, selling a home without an agent can take 55 to 70 days. Without an agent, you may have to rush through the process of preparing the home for sale and taking time to schedule showings. In addition, a real estate agent can be a valuable resource for answering questions about selling a home.

You can list your home for sale on Zillow, Redfin, and Craigslist on your own, but you might not get the exposure you need. There are fewer buyers looking for your home if you do not advertise it. You will also likely not have any relationships with other real estate agents or clients. The result is a smaller pool of potential buyers and a longer selling time. Ultimately, this can lead to less money.

The main disadvantage of selling your house without an agent is the cost. While a Realtor may charge a commission of up to 2.5{25d2b18a95c5c6f7eb4ced5b120adc2827c7011e7253ae4e60356a2e2ad96975} of the home’s sale price, The Shaver Group will save the seller thousands of dollars. In addition, agents devote more time to your house’s sale and can help you negotiate better deals. Additionally, they can help prevent you from becoming emotionally overwhelmed by the process. Using an agent helps you avoid many legal and financial pitfalls.

As with any real estate transaction, there are important details to consider before you make a decision. Putting up yard signs directing buyers to your home is an excellent way to get buyers interested in your property. In addition to this, you should market your home on as many free websites as possible. You might also want to consider paying a flat fee for an MLS listing. You should also install a lock box to make the process easier for the buyer’s agent. You should leave the home when a buyer wants to view it. You should also consider hiring a real estate attorney to review the contract before signing.

If you have the experience and know the market well, selling your house without a realtor may be worthwhile. Although it will save you 3{25d2b18a95c5c6f7eb4ced5b120adc2827c7011e7253ae4e60356a2e2ad96975} of the sale price, selling without an agent will require a great deal of time, energy, and money. Ultimately, it is not worth it for most Florida homeowners. Instead, you may want to consider a low-commission real estate company that can provide professional assistance for a much lower cost.

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