Five Creative Ideas For Entertainment Spaces Within Your Home


Whether it is home cinema experiences, exciting video game streams, or cosy board game gatherings that you most enjoy within your home, creating a dedicated space for their activity can be incredibly rewarding. Many who have made the transition from television screens to projectors, for example, find it hard to go back, being unwilling to compromise their new luxury. Others find that by dedicating a space to their hobby, they are more likely to pursue it, welcoming friends and family to join them.

No matter your motivation, embracing your favourite entertainment by giving it space within your home has significant benefits, which is why without any hurdles most of us would do so. These hurdles most often manifest as space and cost, two factors that can entirely derail our dreams of a cinema at home. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. With a little creativity, costs can be minimised and amazing spaces can be created.

New Rooms

A newly popular trend for homeowners is to create a space where there was once not one. This means taking a creative approach to interior design and seeing what flexibility there is. Some have sought to create reading nooks beneath their stairs, others have created compact streaming rooms in utility closets.

The space our favourite forms of entertainment need might not be as ambitious as we think and, for this reason, we should consider what potential new rooms could be created to accommodate them.

Secret Entrance

If you have a space that you would like to enjoy without being distracted, or perhaps are looking for an impressive interior design asset for your home, then you should certainly consider a secret entrance. Concealing an entertainment room behind a bookshelf or wall is easier to do than you might think and will leave every visitor impressed.

Outdoor Buildings

Instead of creating a room indoors, some have taken to create an entirely new space in their garden in the form of an outbuilding. Whether converting sheds, building log cabins, or installing an annexe, you are giving yourself an entirely new blank canvas of space to get creative within. With the installation of utilities and essential equipment, as well as any soundproofing that might be necessary, a hub of entertainment can be made affordably and luxuriously.

Smart Lighting

Adaptive lighting, or smart lighting, is one of the most immersive features an entertainment room can have. Light strips can be decorated or concealed around a room, reacting to the on-screen action to change their colour and, as a result, the ambience of a room. With this simple and creative addition, you’ll find yourself more drawn into the world of the screen than ever before.

Transforming Furniture

Entertainment rooms can even be hidden in plain sight, with transforming furniture able to work as both a platform for activities and routine life. This can be as simple as a dining table that transforms into a Dungeons and Dragons arena or as a curtain that cleverly conceals a projector screen.

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