Five Ways To Make Your Garden More Appealing When Selling A Home


Over the past few years, gardens have become increasingly in demand across the housing market. While they have always been a desirable asset to a property, the cultural shock of lockdowns and the rise of remote working have shifted housing preferences significantly, leading to a greater preference for homes that also have access to a private outdoor space.

This popularity, however, isn’t assured and gardens can just as easily become a problem when placing a house on the market, especially if they are not properly maintained. To show you how a garden can be made more appealing when selling your home, we have five essential tips.

Clear Weeds

Weeding is an ongoing responsibility for homeowners and if it is neglected then gardens can deteriorate. This is because once certain plants become more established, they can be very difficult to remove. For a homeowner placing their property on the market, the presence of such weeds can be detrimental to a sale, demonstrating neglect and assuring even more maintenance in future, both of which can put off potential buyers.

While gardens should be maintained to ensure appeal, weeds can quickly be cleared and flower beds tidied before property viewings to enable the home to make a better first impression.

Upgrade Shed

Sheds are prone to neglect and can soon deteriorate due to their exposure to the elements. As such, their presence can go from useful to problematic over a few seasons. If you are looking to add last-minute and simple value to your property, consider upgrading your shed. Some are even choosing to altogether replace their garden storage systems with more bespoke log cabins, adding an extra dimension of usefulness and luxury to their outdoor spaces.

Reduce Clutter

Old barbeques, sports equipment, and toppled pots all accrue to make a garden appear messy. Just as with inside a home, space typically trumps the value of furniture and decor, with potential buyers more often for greater capacity for their own belongings.

As such, gardens should be cleared of as much clutter as possible before any property viewings, ensuring there is a greater sense of space and tidiness.

Considered Neighbours

Neighbouring properties are an important consideration for homeowners and even a small sign of potential disruption or social compromise can be problematic. While you will have no control over your neighbours’ homes, certain aspects can be accommodated for. Hedges and trees, for example, can offer a greater degree of privacy and reduce the unsightly appearance of messy gardens.

Plant Flowers

Gardens are ideal places for relaxation and well-being. To suggest this potential, as well as raise a garden’s value, homeowners must go beyond sight and also impress other senses too, such as with wonderful aromas. Certain flowers and trees can produce wonderful scents that fill the air when outdoors, making a space seem more welcoming.

By the same token, fruits and berries can be an appealing element to gardens and if there’s a potential harvest to be enjoyed in a private outdoor space, buyers are likely to be impressed.

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