How to Keep the Structure of Your Home from Sagging


Have you noticed any of these problems with your house?

  • Uneven floors
  • Walls with cracks
  • Doors that do not shut

These are all signs that beneath the structure of your home, the foundation may have sagged. This can be fixed by underpinning concrete footings which prop up as well as strengthens the foundation so that damage to the home can be repaired and further damage can be avoided.

How this is done

You can get structural underpinning Adelaide done by a reputable company. They will excavate the original footings, and then pour more concrete underneath footings to reinforce it with steel giving it additional strength. Once the concrete has set, heavy-duty jacks are placed on the concrete that is reinforced and the entire structure can then be jacked up – closing up the voids and cracks. Once this is done, heavy props are then positioned to stop the building from ever sagging again, or in some cases, the jacks are simply left in place and more concrete with steel reinforcement is used making the repairs tough and lasting.

Problems solved

Having the foundation underpinning done in this way will keep your home from having problems with cracking walls, and repairs structural damage which all safeguard your investment. It will solve these problems:

  • Reveal the original footings so that repair, corrections, and strengthening can be done.
  • Leads to a solution that is permanent to stop cracking walls as well as sagging floors.
  • Safeguard your home for years to come and also will enhance the resale value.
  • Assists with repairing or renovating any damage already done.

Experience matters

A little research on the internet will help you find specialists in structural underpinning. A good company should have contractors who are all licensed and have many years of experience. You should consider them as they will keep your underpinning from sagging for many years to come.

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