How to Maintain Your Bathroom and Repair the Garbage Disposal


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Few do’s and don’ts about the garbage disposal


1. Always grind your food waste by using a strong cold water flow of cold water so that it can solidify any oil or grease.

2. After turning off your garbage disposal, rinse by using hot water for 10 to 15 seconds.

3. Cut your large items into very smaller pieces and then feed them one by one rather than all.

4. Frequently use the garbage disposal for avoiding corrosion and rust. 

5. Remove all small objects around your sink so that accidentally they don’t fall into the garbage disposal.

6. Ensure that you switch it off at the source in case you need to remove anything from the garbage disposal unit, either by flipping the switch below the unit or switch it off from your breaker box.


1. Don’t switch off the garbage disposal or water until grinding has finished.

2. Never use any harsh chemicals.

3. Avoid eggshells and coffee grounds because commonly they put down the garbage disposal, and cause clogs and many other problems. Better avoid it.

4. Never put your utensils or hand down the disposal! In case you have to remove something, and then shut off first your electrical power switch, located under the garbage disposal itself. Switch off the main breaker if you cannot locate the switch.

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