Traditional Rugs in Modern Homes: A blog about traditional rugs and how they can fit into modern homes


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Traditional antique rugs are ideal enhancements when it comes to modern room decors. An antique rug or a rug simply following an antique design philosophy can fit with ease in any modern setting. Rugs are timeless pieces of art and can be made up of many materials including silk, jute, fur, and wool. Handmade classic rugs are wonderful decor options due to their hassle-free operability and unique design elements. Applying a rug in any part of a room does not require any special arrangement, and can also be removed and redeployed with ease. In a very modern setting, a rug alone can not suffice and emerge as a good fit. For example, a crimson rug might need a red color lamp to express its true glamor. Additionally, the wall hanging and floor rugs should be chosen with the color tone and mood of the design in mind. This article will comment on the fitness of antique, handmade rugs in the case of interior decor. And try to understand why the formula is still at work after thousands of years post inception. 

History of traditional handmade rugs

A handmade rug is a piece of art and today it can cost a fortune based on craftsmanship and quality. The journey of handmade rugs started in ancient Persia. Persepolis, during the reign of mighty Achaemenids, became the center of rug trading and manufacturers. The extremely hedonistic Persian society embraced the rugs with open arms and the industry grew in size as the empire’s influence on Persia grew. However, silk rugs are even older than the other traditional jute or wool rugs. Traditional oriental rugs made out of silk were first discovered and invented in ancient, bronze age china. And since then silk rugs commanded the attention of mighty empires of the west. The demand for silk was so high in Europe, that emperor Justinian sent monks on espionage missions for retrieving silkworm cocoons. 

Why are the oriental rugs of antiquity still relevant?

Excellent craftsmanship

Oriental and antique rugs are mostly handmade and can depict an entire culture with finesse. The craftsmanship we can experience through oriental handmade oriental rugs is unparalleled. The design of a rug depends on the material, the culture or region it is coming from and the intentions of the craftsman to explore the avenues of art. Certainly, a handmade rug is a piece of art deserving of a steep price, and owning one can be a strong statement of stature and style. In very modern and updated interior settings these rugs can fit as an art piece that can enhance the overall look by several folds. 

Excellent for acoustics and thermal insulation 

A thermal insulator able to amaze visitors is perhaps the most desirable decorative item one can possess. An oriental rug made out of wool or silk can act as a very efficient thermal insulator. If placed on the floor it can keep the feet warm on the harshest winter days and ensure a night of sound sleep. Apart from that a thick construction wool or silk is an excellent acoustic dampener and insulator. In recording studios, and even in living or drawing rooms these rugs can be of immense utility due to this acoustic characteristic. Apartments and homes located in the noisiest regions of a city can easily opt for a rug to ease up the acoustic scenario despite having a modern interior. 

Durability and longevity 

An antique rug produced by an authentic antique source is priceless for philanthropists and interior decor freaks. The material of an antique oriental rug is mostly silk, jute fiber, or wool, all the materials mentioned are sturdy and are known to be existing throughout the history of humankind. The durability of a rug is a lucrative proposition as the color of the same is least likely to fade and the finish is expected to last for an eternity. The chances of pest-related damages are also pretty low. If coupled with the right kind of lighting the color is bound to look more enhanced and it can take the mood of decor to an entirely different stage. 

It is eco-friendly 

The manufacture and curation of traditional rugs are a completely eco-friendly process. The materials used are mostly biodegradable and producing those materials does not involve major pollution concerns. The production and manufacture of oriental rugs involve a lot of manpower and entire towns are known to depend on rugs for their daily bread. It is recommended to buy a silk rug from the most reliable in the field. Obeetee carpets are the most ideal choice when it comes to buying carpets online. As the brand is known to produce authentic rugs and provide elaborate and detailed support. A decision to buy obeetee carpets online thus can never go wrong.

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