Types Of Water Heaters And Code Violations You Should Know


Winter season is typically the time when most people use water heaters. If you are in Florida, you may know that the state experiences some of the mildest winters in the Continental United States. But it’s still recommended that you install a hot water heater Punta Gorda FL.

Water heaters have different types that fit to all needs and standards. 

A Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater is the most popular and the type that most people are familiar with. This water heater includes a tank that holds water to be heated, in which the capacity of the tank determines how much hot water is available at once. This means that the capacity of the tank measure how much the hot water you have available at the once. 

Another type is the Tankless Water Heater, which as the name suggests, has no tank. It uses modern technology, such as heated coils that fill with water and heat water immediately as you need it. This is an ideal option for people who need to heat water quickly. 

A Heat Pump Water Heater can help you save electricity bills because it does not directly generate heat. Heat from the air and the ground is used to heat water and electricity is solely utilized to transfer heat from the ground or air to the water.

On another note, installing a water heater can be time-consuming. You may also find it difficult to install a water heater in your home, even with the assistance of friends and family. This is why it is so important to either hire a professional or Florida plumbing services to do the job.

With that said, there are many water heater code violations homeowners might not be aware of. These are the major common code violations:

  • According to the International Code Council, a drain pan that has not been installed previously is not required to be added when replacing it. But it is a violation to not add one if one was already in place. If the water heater is located in a basement or in a prohibited place in your home, a drain pan should be installed underneath it.
  • Sediment traps keep any debris in your gas line from damaging the gas valve of your water heater. The sediment trap should go downstream of the shutoff and as near to the inlet as possible. It is illegal to skip a sediment trap.
  • Propane water heaters and gas heaters can release carbon monoxide during use. Therefore, it is against the code to place them where they aren’t allowed such as in bedrooms or bathrooms.
  • You must install earthquake straps to your water heater in earthquake-prone areas. They will withstand horizontal forces equaling one-third of the unit’s operational weight. This means that your water heater must be secured in case of an earthquake.
  • It is illegal to have your water pressure exceed 80 PSI in your home.


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