7 Things to Look for When Shopping For A Retractable Awning


Looking for Washington DC awnings can be quite tricky. If you look into these seven things, though, you’re sure to get the best deal in Washington.

Price vs. Value

You must remember that while cheap Washington DC awnings are tempting to buy, they are not always the best choices. You should look at the value of your patio awnings rather than just the price tag. Weigh in on what you are paying for. Is an added $10 worth the quality of the product?


How durable are the Washington DC awnings you are purchasing? Are you paying for something that’s bound to break in a matter of a few months or a higher quality product that can last you for years? Sometimes, the few dollars that you add to the cost are worth it because the product you are investing on will be useful for a longer time.


Also, remember why you are purchasing your patio awnings in the first place. You are investing your hard-earned money on this patio accessory because you want to protect your patio furniture. If your awnings have very low waterproofing capabilities, then you would have wasted your money on it. See how resilient it is to heat as well as wind and rain. Of course, you might have to spend more on awnings that have more UV protection. Take into account the usual weather in Washington as well. Do you need one that’s more resilient to wetness or one that’s hardier against heat?


Your awning should also be the perfect match for your home. Don’t get awnings that are a different color from what you have envisioned in the hopes of repainting them to fit your home. Most likely, this kind of alteration will just ruin your awnings. Instead, order the best fit from the manufacturer you have in mind. If they don’t have your desired color, at least get the closest swatch from their selections.


The mechanism of your awnings should be both stable and smooth. You can test this out before finalizing the purchase. If you are purchasing online, go ahead, and do your homework. There are Youtube reviews for the best brands. Choose awnings with mechanisms that are reliable and user-friendly. Avoid cheap but clunky awnings.


Look at the design in two ways: the way the awnings appear visually, and how efficient it is for the space it takes up. Avoid awnings that look unique but could become a problem later on because it pools water after rains, for example. Any UV tints should also not hinder you from enjoying the view outside even when the awnings are down.


Sometimes, wear happens and it’s just time to buy new awnings. The best brands, however, make sure that their awnings are made to withstand wear. Whether this is the weather or usage, they protect their clients by providing warranties and guarantees. Some companies will let you have items replaced if you discover any manufacturing flaws after purchase. You can also enjoy service warranties if their awnings break before their guaranteed lifespan.

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