Be Aware of How to Measure and When to Replace Your Trampoline Springs


Be Aware of How to Measure and When to Replace Your Trampoline Springs

When spring is very near, people start checking their trampoline springs. Most people ask the first question and that is, “When should we replace a spring?”

The following are the few conditions when you must consider the replacement trampoline springs.

  • It is very much stretched and may not return back to its original coil position
  • In case, it is totally broken or may have sheared off
  • If you notice a very strong sign of rusting.

The next question that people may ask is, “How many springs must be needed to replace before we change them out?”

Here the answer will be just one!  Yes, even if a single spring is found to be stretched, rusted, or broken, we will recommend replacing it immediately.

Actually, this is just for safety, and also when spring will not be working, it may cause certain additional stress to all its peers or even to the mat also, and potentially that may cause it to tear.

Therefore, when you will have just a single bad spring, it will be worth taking your time and replacing it.

What should a person look for when purchasing replacement trampoline springs are the final question, we frequently receive concerning this subject? Or what should we check for in your springs if we want to get a trampoline?

Be aware: springs are important! They play a crucial role in generating the bounce that most trampolines have. Consider them your trampoline’s “engine”.

How can we measure our trampoline springs?

As the measuring your trampoline springs can be quite easy and simple hence just follow the following 3 steps:

  • Un-equip 3 springs from the trampoline
  • Next, measure the length of the entire spring from one hook-end to another hook-end
  • Compare your 3 measurements

Because trampoline springs can extend over time, 3 is the golden number for determining how much to measure them. When looking for replacement springs, you receive a more precise number with 3 different measures.

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