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The construction industry has always been a diverse and ever-expanding one, but if there is one thing that remains consistent is that you always want to see quality. From general contracting projects to design-build services and construction management, everyone is looking for skill and expertise. Sure, there are a number of construction companies to be found, but not everyone can deliver the same results. You need a reliable and expert construction company to handle your tasks and this is where Nan Inc. can be a solid option. Founded in 1990, it is the largest general contractor that’s locally owned and operated in the State of Hawaii.

Considering when it was established, the company has been doing various construction projects for more than three decades now. Nan Inc. started small but is now offering a wide range of professional construction services to their clients. They specialize in construction management, preconstruction/design assistance, design building, and general contracting. They have a professional and extensive staff that can oversee and manage the various aspects of a construction project efficiently. Over the years, Nan Inc. has collaborated with their customers and through teamwork, they have managed to roof replacement decatur successfully complete more than 3,000 projects.

They have dealt with historic preservation and renovation, new construction projects, and different site engineering as well. Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that Nan Inc. is one of the leading construction companies in Hawaii and they have not only worked in the Hawaiian Islands but have also handled projects in various remote locations all over the Pacific. These include Johnston, Palau, Saipan, Guam, American Samoa, and Kwajalein Atolls. Not only do they provide their services to commercial and private sector, but Nan Inc. has also worked with federal and local government agencies as well.

As far as the history of the company is concerned, you can check out the official blog by Nan-Inc. owner. You will come to know that Patrick Shin, a man from South Korea, had the vision to establish the company in Honolulu, Hawaii. He had worked as a laborer in a construction company for two years and that’s when he was inspired to start his own firm. He didn’t have much when he founded the company, but with hard work and dedication, he has transformed the company. Today, Nan Inc. is recognized as one of the construction experts in Hawaii and has earned numerous awards and accolades for their work.

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