The 9 Best Dust Vacuum Cleaners of 2021


The ideal vacuum cleaner (aspirador de pó) for your use can be easily found on the market. Several consumers who have already purchased the models that are present in this list meet all the characteristics.

If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner option on the market, knowing this list can help you at the time of purchase. Therefore, find out below the best options for each situation.

Best Dust Vacuum Cleaners 2021

Below, see which are the best vacuum cleaners of 2021:

  • WAP Power Speed 2000w (Best vertical vacuum cleaner)
  • WAP High Speed 1000w (Best automotive vacuum cleaner)
  • Britânia Dust Off 1250w (Best good and cheap vacuum cleaner)
  • Karcher NT 585 Basic 15 Liters (Best vacuum cleaner with filter)
  • WAP GTW Inox 1600w (Best vacuum cleaner and water)
  • WAP Silent Speed (Best silent vacuum cleaner)
  • Compact WAP GTW Bagless 1400w (Best handheld vacuum cleaner)
  • BLACK + DECKER Cyclonic 2 in 1 1200w (Best cost-effective vacuum cleaner)
  • Philco Upright 2000w (Best powerful and strong vacuum cleaner)

How to Clean a Dust Vacuum Cleaner?

To clean a vacuum cleaner, you must discard its dirt and clean the filter. Next, we will show the steps for you to clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner:

  • The first step is to remove the filter.
  • Next, you must put the filter in a bucket with water and detergent
  • You can use a soft brush or fingers to gently clean the filter.
  • Then rinse the filter under running water
  • Leave it to rest until completely dry
  • Okay, you can use it again

It is a very simple process, but very important for you to guarantee the maximum durability of your vacuum cleaner.

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