How to Buy Most Secure and Safest Front Doors?


While looking for a new front door, your top priority will be the safety and security of home. You will always prefer to settle for only those doors that can offer a maximum amount of security.

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While looking for the most secured door, the following are a few important things to consider:

  • The material used for the door
  • Locking system
  • Type of glass used

The following are a few things that you can consider while buying your doors.

1. uPVC front-door security

Nowadays, uPVC doors are the most popular choices as it can offer:

  • Superb thermal efficiency
  • Needs low maintenance
  • Extremely durable and strong material.

2. Composite door

Most composite doors are usually fitted with a high-quality locking system, this makes them an ideal security investment to make for your home.

3. Aluminum front-door security

Originally aluminum doors were preferred mainly for commercial properties, specifically due to their extra durability and strength.

4. Timber doors

Often wooden doors are preferred choice of homeowners because of traditional charm that they can add to a home.

5. 5-lever mortice deadlock

Even many insurance companies insist for a 5-lever lock on the door before insuring any home.

6. Toughened glass or no windows

Installing toughened glass, which is resistant to breaking, can be a good option, but still, a better option can be no windows in your front door.

7. Peephole

Providing a peephole will allow you to view who has come at the door prior to opening it, and help you to decide whether to open your door or not.

8. Long hinge screws

Long hinge screws, go into frame and door, can offer more resistance for making any break-in attempt.

9. Door chain

We recommend you to add a chain in your front door to get additional protection.

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