When and Why Do You Need Long Island Exterior Field Appraisals?


Your home or real estate requires appraisals for many reasons. Appraisals are necessary to determine the value of a certain property. This report is created by a professional appraiser who includes a written description and the estimated value of the property in the appraisal. One can have both interior and Long Island Exterior Field Appraisals are done by licensed appraisers. In many cases only exterior appraisal is necessary.

A time saving option

A complete appraisal that includes both interior and exterior takes quite a long to get completed. But an exterior-only appraisal is a more cost-effective as well as time-saving option. Sometimes it does not even require a site visit. The appraisers take help of online information, local MLS, public records as well as conversation with the owner. Once they inspect your property, it will be compared to other properties that were recently sold in the neighborhood. These properties play an important role in the whole process and are called comparables. The major components of a certain property are compared to the components of these comparables. This way the professional creates a report which includes photographs of the property, relevant information, comparable sales in the concerned neighborhood and the estimated value of your property.

Property purchase and sale

Home appraisal happens to be one of the many steps that are included in the process of refinancing, selling, or purchasing your home. Though this process is shorter than many others, it is a critical one that helps to ensure a fair deal. An appraisal is unbiased and is definitely a professional determination. An appraisal helps to determine a reasonable amount. This appraisal can help the owner to remove the mortgage insurance expense early by proving that the owner’s balance has touched the threshold. It also helps to ensure that an owner gets a fair deal on the mortgage.

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