Why Do You Need To Hire A Long Island Landscape Design Team?


A landscape architect is well-equipped to create an outdoor living space that will not only add value to your home but will also allow you to appreciate all that nature offers. Pools, fireplaces, patios, and even picnic areas may all help to create a welcoming and environmentally friendly location.

How can a professional help you?

An experienced Long Island landscape design team will examine your property’s issues as well as opportunities, and come up with a sound plan that takes into account both the big picture and the finer points of how your landscape will look.

Low-maintenance landscapes with stunning native flora are designed. Native plants save money on water and frequently eliminate the need for chemicals, while pollinators like bumblebees and butterflies thrive on them. Xeriscaping eliminates the need for extra watering or irrigation.

Landscape architects understand that the appropriate placement of trees and huge bushes can actually reduce energy expenditures by lowering heating and cooling costs.

Permeable paving, while minimizing runoff and boosting groundwater recharge, can help with road flooding or just add beauty to patios and sidewalks. They will integrate it into your home’s environment.

Beautiful, well-placed rain gardens are created by landscape architects for backyards that may face seasonal floods. Birds and helpful insects will find a home in rain gardens. Rainwater runoff is filtered away from sidewalks and lawns by these gardens, allowing the water to soak back into the earth.

Natural swimming pools are designed to mimic a natural pond.

Drip irrigation systems can be designed by landscape architects. Drip irrigation systems provide water directly to the roots of plants and are a cost-effective alternative to sprinkler systems. However, an irrigation system that is installed poorly can harm all of the new plants it is supposed to help. Hiring a landscape architect is a simple way to avoid this.

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