Where Do I Start If I Want To Buy A House?


So you’ve found yourself in the place where you are looking to buy a house. Where do I start? First, start by sitting down and writing a list of all of your dreams and goals. These can include, where do I start when I want to buy a house?

Your dream house is not going to be built without a lot of planning and a lot of forward thinking. You are going to have to put aside money for a down payment, which will be an upfront payment or a percentage of the total cost of the house. Then you are going to have to find the financing, either through your credit card, the bank, or a mortgage broker, and plan a budget to suit your family’s needs and your dreams. Once you have a well-defined plan, you are ready to start shopping for the right home.

Once you have your dream house in mind, you need to find the right Orlando real estate agent. Now, keep in mind, this is no time to go knocking on the doors of every real estate agent that you know. Do some research on your own and pick out one from the phone book who seems to be qualified and trustworthy. Then call him up and ask to see the portfolio of houses he has sold recently, and then give him some basic information about yourself. He should be more than happy to show you a few sample homes and get started. Contact The Shaver Group to start the process.

The next step in planning to buy an Orlando real estate agent’s house is to make an appointment for a free consultation. This way you can get some ideas on how much the house should cost, and also get a better idea of what kind of neighborhood you want to live in. Take along someone who knows something about the real estate market in Orlando.

Once you find your real estate agent, you need to do a price check. You can either call the agent up or check the local paper for recent sales. This will give you a rough idea on how much your house should be and will help you narrow down your options. When you know this price, you can now decide to make an appointment for showing the house. Of course, you may not want to show it to everyone that you know…so you may want to set up an appointment in advance for the close friends and family that you know.

Last but certainly not least, you need to think about location. It would suck if you bought a house in Orlando City, Florida, and you did not have access to the beach, parks, restaurants and shopping districts. Also, when you are buying real estate in an area like Orlando, you want to make sure that the homes are built according to the zoning regulations that are set in place. Your new neighbor may not mind a few deer in the yard or a rambunctious dog, but if there is a tree out there that could fall, or if you have plants that are overgrown, you would probably want to reconsider the location.

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